Saturday, 24 June 2017

Tips for Modernizing the Kitchen Design

Traditionally kitchen décor was devoid of faux panels and had more walls than the modern styles; however, if you are thinking of updating the kitchen or you want to renovate it, there are a number of ways of doing it. For instance, the use of appliances, color schemes can increase the space of functional area. Similarly, if you want to sell your home, it is better to upgrade the kitchen so that clients will find it appealing. Furthermore, some of the people may like to increase the cooking area; it can be done if you modernize the kitchen.

Upgrade the Metals

If you happen to have a kitchen that has an old design, you may want to change it, especially the metals or hardware used in the important areas. For instance, over the years kitchen friendly materials have been introduced to make the use of drawers easy in addition to fixtures. Stainless steel, gold, copper, and aluminum are few of the popular options. The material of the cabinets, cooking range and wall hangings can also be changed.

Change the Flooring

People tend to overlook the flooring; however, if it is paid attention, it could change the complete look. For instance, in the past people went for tiles that were easy to maintain, however, the new types of vinyl sheets, linoleum offer more resilient options. Some people like to get the wooden material or stone for long-lasting solutions. If you are thinking about themes, you can get it matched with the paint or in terms of the patterns.

Removal of Upper Cabinetry

Walls is one of the prominent features of the old style kitchens, however, experts believe that walls attached with the upper cabinets are not necessary, as it takes up space and may make your kitchen look closed. Therefore, if you want to make adjustments or changes, it is best to get rid of them and allow some space in the kitchen to give a spacious look. If you need the storage space, you can add open shelves to store the kitchen elements.

Modernizing the Countertops

The countertops are another feature that needs changes, as it is inconvenient for the workspace and the material used to make the countertops is not appealing either. Therefore, the option of polymers, natural stone and resin are few of the new additions. Some of the designers prefer the heavy-duty structural material for the countertops, for instance, brick or tile can add new textures.

Sitting Area

The kitchen can get crowded especially, if your guests are staying at the place or if you throw a party. This is why there is a need to make sitting space for the guests or if you have company. Countertop stools and breakfast bar are two of the main options. Similarly, if you like to help children with the homework, they can sit there so you can supervise them while you prepare food. A chair by the window is another creative idea for increasing the sitting space.

Energy Efficient Appliances

In order to reduce the carbon footprint, the less energy efficient appliance should be replaced with efficient ones. Similarly, if you can use devices that will help to save water, it will prove environmental friendly. The plumbing fixtures can be changed with smart options. Similarly, new designs of faucets are helpful in reducing the loss of water in addition to controlling the problems of kitchen dampening.  Furthermore, if you can add new appliances, it will save you money.

Painting the Cabinetry

If you cannot afford to get new cabinets, you can paint the old one to give a new look in addition to matching it with the fresh changes in the surroundings. If you want to add vibrant colors, it will create a fresh feel, however, if you are a fan of vintage styles, you can go for classic colors. Additionally, the elbow grease and paint glaze can transform the outlook of the kitchen.

Lighting Options

After finishing the repairing process, you can shift the attention to the lighting of the space. People may underestimate the value; however, if you compare the look of those kitchens that have good lighting or layers of it, it can give an enhanced appearance in terms of improving the ambiance. A dimmer light can be installed for having dinner in the space in addition to making the overall décor seem nice. Similarly, if you want to add colorful lights, those can look good as well.

Decorative Elements

If you like to spend more time in the kitchen, it is good to invest on the décor of your kitchen, for instance, you can add plant shelves in the space in addition to the artwork on the theme of food perhaps. The kitchen shelves can also be improved if you paint them or add the cooking books. The heirloom set of your parents can also be displayed to add interesting elements to the kitchen. If you have a vase of flowers, it will refresh the air for you. The idea is to give importance to the kitchen area so that you will feel good whenever you go there to get something done.

Taking Down Walls
The choice of taking down the walls has to do with the how you feel when you go into the kitchen. For example, if you feel suffocated or if it is a cluttered area, you may want to increase the space by taking down the walls. If you are not sure about your decision, you can discuss it with the specialist in the field, for instance, experts can guide you and it will facilitate in creating more space without spending a lot. If you have a dining area next to the kitchen, you can break the walls to turn the kitchen into the spacious open kitchen. Similarly, the dining space will also get a makeover in terms of adding new elements or combining the kitchen area.

To conclude, the old style kitchens can be transformed into the new modern looking kitchen if you pay attention and take the help of an expert to make smart choices rather than overspending.

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